{FASHION} 2NE1 is “Candy Flip” on the Covers of First Japanese Single “GO AWAY”

The theme for 2NE1’s upcoming single is obvious from the first glance of their album covers. The girls are decked out primarily in their friend, designer Jeremy Scott’s, latest collection “Candy Flip” from Autumn 2011. An apt name considering the pastel colors and almost lacquered finish of some of the garments.

It’s almost as if Jeremy Scott’s pieces were tailor-made for the foursome as they seem to match effortlessly with 2NE1’s image and style. From the dresses to the tiniest of accessories, 2NE1’s trademark funky style is shining as brightly as ever.

The centerpieces of the look are these wonderful one-piece dresses & tops draped over their bodies.
We’re very aware of the love for alteration that 2NE1’s stylists exhibit and it showed up again in Dara’s shortened dress.

1. Lulu & Co. House of Jazz Domino Print Maxi Dress (length altered) $598 USD
2. Jeremy Scott Lightning Cape Dress $448.00 USD
3. Jeremy Scott ‘Slime’ Merino Wool Roll Neck Sweater $414 USD
4. Jeremy Scott “Candy Flip” Trench $??? USD

Legs, legs, legs– everyone’s feeling a little leggy this round.
Bom’s not the only one showing some fabric-wrapped skin, with CL in her corner donning patterned tights as well.

5. American Apparel Geo-Mesh Tights $24.00 USD*
6. Balmain’s Silver Tights Originally $3,100.00 now ~$900.00 USD
7. American Apparel Punctuation Tights $36.00 USD

2NE1 would be incomplete without their notoriously exotic accessories and they definitely do not disappoint this time.
From wacky heads made into rings to faux foxes turned into neck ornaments, these looks are full of funk.

8. Jeremy Scott Angora Knit Sweater in Orange (Price Unknown)
9. Asmama Punctuation Earrings $10.99 USD
10. Gerlan Jeans Exclamation Earrings Originally $137 now $68
11. Jeremy Scott Faux Fox Scarf $365.00 USD
12. Zaorick Monster Pink Ring $205 USD
And of course, the lovely collaboration with 2NE1’s 5th member Jeremy Scott shows up on their feet.

Of this collection Scott has said he was inspired by his youth– being young, clubbing, and “the excitement of getting dressed, doing your hair and getting ready for a club or a rave.” This description, much like 2NE1’s own mantra “NOLZA” seems to fit our girls to a T.

Source: Harvey Nichols, Jeremy Scott, American Apparel, Shop Fatal, Polyvore, Fake Tokyo, Asmana
Collages by centric @ygladies.com.
Thanks to Lord Joycemort and Willa for help us identify pieces.
Article by centric & tazanya @ygladies.com

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