{NEWS} HMV – Kpop makes it to ground floor

Would it surprise you to know that 2NE1 is the biggest seller currently? This coupled with that fact that so many people want Big Bang stocked shows that YG’s popularity is pretty big in the UK at the moment. Overall in sales, it seems as though the boys have been outselling the girls, with boy groups being more popular. No shocking news there!

There’s good news for the future for Kpop at HMV. Hopefully HMV will be able to successfully make a deal with Universal Korea, which will mean quicker shipping times and cheaper prices in store. This would also mean that official merchandise may be able to be stocked, such as posters! However, since adding Kpop to HMV needs to be viable in business terms, it’s important that people go to the shop to buy CDs now.

Buying online doesn’t help to show that Kpop can be supported long term like buying in store does. Show your support by buying in store now, and this will benefit Kpop at HMV in the future. Especially now that Kpop has a prime location on the ground floor (a big coo being among the rock and indie sections, a first for this genre of music!), it’s important that sales are good so that Kpop can be seen as a good stock to have in. If it continues to do well, other HMV shops may start to stock Kpop also. So please, pay a visit to HMV in Oxford Street and have a look at the selection they have.

HMV are also seeing about possible fan meets and personal appearances, so let’s all support the first HMV to have Kpop, and show everyone that Kpop is here to stay in the UK!

Big thanks to Paul for stopping to chat with us, it’s much appreciated.

Full article here

source: @kccuk twitter

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