(NEWS) Explanation for Why 2NE1 will make comeback stage before song is released


2NE1 who is known for having the strongest digital sales among girlgroups has revealed that they will have a performance before the release of their song.

2NE1 who is set to release their new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE‘ on the 8th will hold a full scale comeback stage a day before, through SBS’ ‘Inkigayo‘.

There have been several artists who have unveiled their new songs before putting them in the market, but for a girl group who immediately ranks the top every time they release an album, such procedure is rare. And this is the first time they came to this decision.

2NE1’s comeback date on TV has aroused much attention. When the group postponed their album sale date to the first week of July to July 8, many thought their performance date would also be postponed to the following week. But since that particular week is the wrap-up one for the first half of the year, music fans were curios to how the show will be run with 2NE1’s comeback stage.

2NE1 assures their fans that this unprecedented method of unveiling the song on Inkigayo on July 7 first will have a positive impact on album sale which will start from the following day.

Until now, there have indeed been singers who performed their songs before releasing them, however it’s the first time a singer like 2NE1 whose song gets ranked really high as soon as it gets released does it.

Honestly, 2NE1′s first broadcast has gathered lots of interest in the music world. Considering the fact 2NE1′s song release has been pushed from the first week of July to the 8th, people have guessed that their comeback stage would be in the following week. But since ‘Inkigayo’ is scheduled to hold their first half of the year special episode on that week, the interest for how [2NE1’s] comeback stage is going to take place has raised.

Even so 2NE1 will be unveiling their song on the 7th through ‘Inkigayo’ in an unprecedented way, they have the confidence to display a great force on music sites.

This song will be 2NE1′s first song in a year after their trot-inspired ‘I Love You’. This time they’re trying reggae. In order to show a new image, 2NE1 has been preparing for their performances with foreign choreographers. This time around, they will promote on TV more and plan to perform more often as well.

This track isn’t the end. 2NE1 has planned to release one song every month until October. Just how it’s been a long time since they had a comeback, they aim to do strong on the music charts every month and be with their fans for a long time.

Their CEO Yang Hyunsuk revealed “2NE1 who has been steadily promoting every year after their debut unfortunately released ‘I Love You’ at the same time as they started their world tour. We felt a kind of frustration concerning their domestic promotions. That’s why we decided that instead of releasing all the songs 2NE1 diligently prepared for two years at once in an album, every month, we’ll release a song and a music video, making 2NE1 promote constantly until the end of the year“.

source: yg-life
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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