(NEWS) Starcast Dara’s Comeback Report #2 – D-4

Hello? This is 2NE1′s PR Director Dara. Naver StarCast fans, nice to meet you. Dudung!!! It was “I Love you on 2012″, and after 1 year, 2NE1 is coming back with “Falling in Love on July 8. Were you curious what were we doing in a year? From now, please anticipate for the comeback report that Dara will unveil!!!
Me? I was very busy because I was supporting our leader. Because I was the PR Director of Nappeun gizibe, I had busy days.


The day when “The Baddest Female” got 1st place on SBS inkigayo!!! Do you know about Dara’s trespassing incident? I went up on stage too, and I was waving the flag so hard. Other artists were dancing altogether too and it was a heartwarming scene.


I was hiding on the front audience seat where fans sit every week so I supported our leader there! By any chance~ you fans didn’t notice me??


Minzy and I who’s waiting for leader wearing The Baddest Female t-shirt~!!! CL-yang please come here fast!!

Source: Naver
Trans by: @ilove2ne1girls
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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