(NEWS) 2NE1′s Minzy Passes the 2013 Qualification (GED) Exam [130822]


Group 2NE1′s youngest member, Gong Minji, passed the 2013 College Entrance Qualification (GED) Exam.

A concerned party of YG Entertainment revealed on the 22nd, “Even through all the world tour last year and restless promotions of their new single, Gong Minji was able to receive this valuable result.

Accordingly, it was added that, “Gong Minji prepared for the qualification exam by studying whenever she had the time or was given time even between all her busy schedules. She received tutoring at the YG Building when she had the time and caught up on all the things she was feeling unprepared for.”

With regards to her entrance to university/college, a YG representative stated, “2NE1 will be entering their Japanese promotions starting next month. Their schedules are booked with overseas promotions until the end of this year, so we will have to wait and see what is decided for her college/university entrance.”

Prior to her passing of exam, in 2009 when 2NE1 debuted, Gong Minji made a decision to give up her high school education to focus more on training and practicing for her (music) career. At that time, she stated in an interview with OSEN, “I liked what I decided and that’s why I went through with it, and because of that I have no regrets.”

Minzy sat for her GED test on 6th August, the day before Do You Love Me was released. Her older sister, Minyoung, and her mum (via @kongdougie21) both tweeted out their support for her when she was done with the test that day.

On the other hand, the group Gong Minji belongs to, 2NE1, is currently promoting their single “Do You Love Me” and are planning to release another single following in September.

TN: Statements from YGE are from different news articles and merged together.

Source: Nate , via eromaknae

Trans by: @bigseunghyun

re-upload by ukYGqueens

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