(NEWS) Minzy revealed to have bought a house for her mother at the age of 19


Gong Minzy has shown us the look of a filial daughter. On KBS2′s ‘Happy Sunday-Mamma Mia’ Episode 22, first-time attendee of variety shows, Gong Minzy’s mom, has shown that she is just as funny and witty as idols and has shown off a great sense for variety. Among the things that they talked about, Minzy’s filial piety, that was unknown to others, attracted much attention.

“How did you manage the downpayment?”, Lee Young Ja asked when Gong Minzy’s mom, unable to hide her proudness, said, “Minzy bought (me) a house”. She continued, “at that time she was only 19 years old”, which shocked Lee Young Ja when she heard it.

About this, Minzy’s mom said, “Although Minzy went into YG at Grade 6 of Elementary School and debuted when she was just 16 years old, she had a really hard time. Her tears would fall when she comes home,” revealing the hard times behind the filial piety shown by her daughter, causing all the mothers of the idols in the studio to be on the verge of tears.

Gyuri was also said to have given her mom her first bonus while Teen Top’s Chunji bought his parents a car as a gift & etc, showing that the filial piety of these popular idols are indeed extraordinary.

The netizens who have read this news commented, “Gong Minzy has even given her parents a house as a present, she’s a filial girl”, “Gong Minzy, gifting a house at 19 years old Amazing!”, “I gave my parents one good boiler..” and more, showing a large variety of reactions.

Top-voted Netizen comments from this News Article

Honestly, even from when she got accepted as a student (i.e. passed her GED exam), I’ve felt that Gong Minzy is cool but I’m also envious… (being able to buy a house) At a young age… I dream of being a teacher because I’d like a stable income.. Although being a teacher isn’t bad, that salary.. I wonder if I’d be able to let my parents live a life of luxury on that… (+1481 -27)

Although I know of Gong Minzy’s innate talent and hardwork, comparing her to me, who’s over thirty and is still busy trying to pay the rent for my house, makes me feel miserable and jealous. Even so, it’s not that I don’t like Gong Minzy. It’s just that I feel uselessly sorry towards my parents. (+1271 -11)

I’ll do the same too if I made lots of money (+1050 -11)

Although she isn’t good-looking she has paid her dues as a trainee who worked hard and blossomed. It’s not about who has done what, it’s about someone who has done it with her own efforts (+919 -65)

Gong Minzy, having bought a house for a present at 19 years old is amazing. I’ve also bought my parents a small present that they can be proud of but I find Minzy unnie’s filial heart to be very heartwarming (+664 -21)

Source: Osen via Naver
Trans by: Teddy@EROMAKNAE

re-upload by ukYGqueens



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