(NEWS) Examiner: CL of 2NE1 in New York


Last night, artist Daniel Arsham and Pharrell unveiled their new art installation. The intimate gathering was held in the penthouse of the Standard East Village, which boasted stunning views of the city. Corzo Tequila provided libations and hosted a dinner to celebrate the collaboration after the event.
Some of the celebrities that we spotted included Brian Donnelly – AKA KAWS, Bridget Kelly, Terry Richardson, Andre Balazs, Richard Chai, Q-Tip, Prince Philippos of Greece, Jennifer Missoni, CL from 2NE1, Genevieve Jones, Jessica White, Tristan Wilds, Bridget Kelly, Phillip Bloch, Mia Moretti, to name a few.

“For this project, Arsham created replications of Pharrell’s keyboard and drum machine, an instrument important to the prolific musical artist and producer at the genesis of his career in the late 1980’s…Like much of Arsham’s work, which features the seeming petrifaction of contemporary objects, the materials used to recreate the keyboard and drum machine make it seem as though they were detected in a distant future or on an archeological dig,” according to a press release.

Guests were able to hold one of the keyboards, with white gloves and pose for photos. Pharrell graciously posed for many fan photos at the party and spoke to many members of the press about the collaboration. It was inspiring to hear him speak. When asked how the collaboration with Pharrell came about artist Daniel Arsham told, The Source, “I asked him ‘What was something that was really important to you at the beginning of your career musically, that you made music on, that you don’t have or use anymore?’ and he described his keyboard that had these drum pads on it. I did a bunch of research and found out that it was a Cassio MT 500. I then integrated that sort of language back into my own sort of work.”
We spoke with CL from the Korean group 2NE1 at the party.

Q: So tell me about what you’re wearing today.
Today, I just went to Jeremy Scott’s show. I’m wearing SAM MC LONDON…I’m in love with them right now.

Q: It’s very edgy. What has been the highlight of Fashion Week for you?
Actually, I wasn’t here for Fashion Week. I was just here to meet Jeremy and support as a friend.

Q: So tell me about the music you’re working on?
Right now, I’m working on 2NE1’s next album. It’s dropping next month, so yeah, last minute work.

Q: And so what can fans expect?
When it comes to 2NE1’s album, we’re gonna keep it 2NE1.

Q: Any possible collaboration with Pharrell in the works?
I’d love to…actually, yes. I don’t wanna jinx it. Yes, I would love to do a collaboration.

Q: What do you love about New York?
It’s just New York, you know? I love everything about it.

Source: Examiner «full article with interview of other artists

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