[OSEN=황미현 기자] 2NE1, appointed as honorary ambassadors for Korean Brand and Entertainment Expo 2013 (KBEE), announced that they will “hold the world’s first 3D hologram concert for 3 days in November as part of the expo.”

At the official appointment ceremony for 2NE1 as honorary ambassadors for KBEE 2013, which took place in International Conference Room of KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) headquarter building, 2NE1 said, “Hologram concert was done by PSY in Everland. When we saw it, it was like he was actually there performing. We feel greatly honored that we are given this opportunity in London.”

They added, “We had a lot of fun filming it. You will feel like we are there in person. You can raise your expectation.”

Hologram concert is a convergence of K-Pop and IT, which can display South Korea’s many great sides in a multi-faceted way.

On being appointed as honorary ambassadors, 2NE1 commented, “KBEE is a big event in terms of spreading Korean culture and is also a great business tool. We are going to do our best to promote Korea in England and other European countries in many different ways.”

2NE1 previously run an event by drawing Awoo dolls by hand, which symbolizes the donation given to children from developing countries to protect them from 6 major diseases including malaria.

2NE1 became the symbol of Korea’s largest overseas expo, the 4th KBEE, which will be held in London’s Old Billingsgate for 6 days starting from November 4. The group will be actively promoting South Korea and to create an opportunity for culture and business to converge and cooperate to carry out the purpose.

2NE1 is the first South Korean girl group to have completed a global tour around the United States and Asia. They are also widely known overseas by having worked with world-famous producers and fashion designers including Will.i.am and Jeremy Scott.

The previous honorary ambassadors of KBEE were Miss A, Super Junior, KRY in 2010 and Secret in 2011 and JYJ in 2012. Only the top stars were given the title.

KOTRA’s manager for strategic marketing, Kim Byung Kwon stated, “2NE1 is a girl group that represents Korea and is well known in Europe as well. That’s the reason behind appointing 2NE1 as the honorary ambassadors.” He added, “This year marks the 130th anniversary of Korea and Britain’s diplomatic tie. This Expo is expected to strengthen the cooperation among young people from both countries and will function as a bridge for expanding cultural and economic exchanges.

source: yg-life
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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