(NEWS) Starcast: 2NE1 in Inkigayo waiting room



This is ’2NE1‘. 2013 was a year of change indeed. Last July, they conveyed a fresh reggae feel through ‘Falling in Love‘. In August, they showed a fierce performance through ‘Do You Love Me’.

And in November, the last one for the single project came out. The new song is ‘Missing You‘. It is a 2NE1-style ballad song that can be matched with ‘It Hurts’ and ‘Lonely’. In this cold winter, they released a sentimental ballad song to warm our heart.

‘Missing You’ was first performed at ’2013 MAMA’. To tell you the truth, it was an abrupt decision to perform at ‘MAMA’. That is why we only had three days to prepare for the performance. We were so happy to come back on a big stage, but we had a regret, too.

We put the past behind and released the performance of ‘Missing You’ first in Korea through SBS-TV’s ‘The Music Trend/Inkigayo’ on November 24. We felt awkward to sing a song while standing still at first, but we adapted to the situation and focused on the lyrics. We had a satisfying result.

Are you wondering about behind-the-scenes stories of 2NE1’s comeback stage of ‘Missing You’? We are going to show you the waiting room to the readers of ‘STARCAST’.


Finally ’2NE1′ arrived at KBS SBS. Can you see the large letters ’2NE1′? Once we arrived at the waiting room, it felt real that we came back. Our heart started to pound. We were both nervous and expectant.

Let’s get in now.


As soon as we entered the waiting room, we could see presents from fans first. There was a rose basket for Dara. There was a cute Teddy Bear, too. There were pretty hand-written letters for Bom and Minzy. The presents helped us to relieve nervousness and smile.


Our favorite was that cheering board made by our fan club ‘Black Jack’. The board was full of messages of support from written by each fan. We read them one by one and gained strength. We always thank you, Black Jack.


Wait, whose shoes are these? We sometimes wear comfortable shoes backstage. We let our poor, suffering [131126] STARCAST: 2NE1 in Inkigayo waiting room ‘interesting 1mm backstage’ rest from high heels. The yellow-green slippers are cute. To protect our members, we will not tell you whose shoes they are (laughter)


These are the shoes that we wear on stage. All four of us wore the same black ankle boots, but the designs vary, don’t they? We chose shoes of different designs to show our own personality and taste. We will come up to the stage in the four different pairs of boots.


What about the accessories? There are a black fedora and leather gloves. You will be able to some fierce energy, won’t you? I think that all of you would know that whose accessories they are. They belong to CL, the charismatic leader of 2NE1.


They are the same hat and gloves, but they have a totally different feel. The floppy hat and warmers covering wrists and backs of hands gave off feminine vibes. Whose accessories are they?


You are right! The answer is Dara. The big hat makes her small face look even smaller. The completed look will be revealed on stage. Please wait.


Now, we are getting ready for our stage. Firstly, Dara. She is thoroughly checking her warmers. She seems to be happy with the comeback costumes. She cannot stop smiling. The black and white dress is beautiful, isn’t it?


Hairstyle check is essential, too. Especially Dara’s long straight hair requires an extra-special care. Her hair needs a thorough combing. She pays detailed attention to her blonde hair which is in contrast with the color of her costume.


The youngest member Minzy is busy with the final touch. She oozes with mature charm. Most people think that Min-ji has a boyish image. Now isn’t she giving off feminine vibes? The wine-color hair and the half-tied hairstyle looks good. Now she is correcting her makeup in the mirror.


Costume check is required as well. Minzy matched a leopard-patterned blouse with a big ribbon. She paid more attention to the ribbon, the point of her look. The stylist made her look neat.


This is CL. Before coming up to the stage, CL is always in a comfortable outfit. She wore a black boxy t-shirt and sunglasses. Do you want to see her stage costume? She will change soon.


Tada! What do you think? The costume is shocking this time again. Please think out of the box. You do not have to always wear a calm look for a ballad song. The combination of a zebra-patterned red jacket, a fedora, gloves, and sunglasses is impressive, isn’t it? This is ’2NE1′.


”Let’s try on sunglasses once again”


“I am the fashionista of 2NE1″


Bom is ready for the stage. She is in charge of emphasizing feminine beauty in 2NE1. She wore a black and white dress that accentuates her voluptuous body. She let her long hair down naturally. The cute hairpin on her front hair should be removed before showing up on stage.

▶ Wait. A surprise quiz for you. Some people say that a style is completed with nails. 2NE1 also pays attention to nail care. For the comeback performance, they chose impressive styles of nail art. Then, whose nails are they? Guess who?


‘Black and white’


‘Fabulous purple nail’


‘Beautifully decorated with stones’

2NE1’s fans would know whose nails they are just by seeing the shape of the nails.



The black and white nails are Minzy’s. The nail color is in line with the color of her stage costume.


The purple nails are Dara’s. She chose purple to give cute points to her nails.



Finally, the stone nails are Bom’s. The nail art lover has the fanciest designs.


We are all set. What were we doing during a short free time? We are signing autographs for fans. Minzy is focused on signing autographs.


Dara is engrossed in signing autographs. She is using a black pen.


“Please receive my autograph, fans”


“Whose autograph is prettiest?”


Finally, the leader CL is finishing signing. The autographs should be pretty.

Suddenly, a familiar melody was heard. ♬ Ringa linga ring~ Big Bang’s Tae-yang is performing. We went straight to a monitor to see him.


“Ringa linga ring~”


‘Big Bang’ is like 2NE1′s mentor. They always gives us a lot of advice and encouragement. We were amazed by Tae-yang’s fantastic performance. We renewed our determination to do our best, which helped us relieve nervousness.

We are the YG family!


We recorded a video of us at the waiting room to celebrate our comeback. The cute Dara made us burst into laughter.


Finally, this is a present for fans. 4 of us took a Polaroid picture. Are you wondering if the pictures are good? We left our autographs on the pictures.


Now, we should leave for the performance of ’Missing You’. Well, we asked our fans not to cheer for us. Weren’t you sad? We meant that we wanted you to focus on our songs. Our fans who listened to us made a gorgeous performance.

Thank you.

source: YGLadies.com
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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