(PHOTO) 2NE1’s ‘Thank You’ messages












Our Blackjacks~
I’m missing you always
Thank you always


To everyone~
You don’t know how happy I am because you gave us so much ♥ these days♥ ㅋㅋㅋ
Please keep and keep~. on giving us ♥ in the future too!!
Thank you so so much ♥
From Bom to everyone,
Note: Bom meant “love” with “♥”


To Blackjack~♥
It’s Dara who’s coming back as a singer who placed #1 with “Missing You”! Ranking is not important but we won #1 so I feel good~^.^ And to Blackjacks who always give us joy as if its their job… we’re really touched. If you try to think of it, these are all~ because of you and you achieved these all with us!!! Blackjacks and 2NE1 who becomes one in music!!! I love you!!!
From Dara


Hello, it’s 2NE1′s Minzy~ Because everyone gave us so much love, “Missing You” ranked #1~♥ For giving attention to us like this, and for supporting us once again, thank you! Please give us lots of love in the future too! Let’s ride this atmosphere and lets keep Go go go (going)!!!
From Minzy

source: 2NE1 official webiste via YGLadies
trans: bryan1334@ygladies.com & @ilove2ne1girls
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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