(PROJECT) Collab project with WELOVEBOM – 31 FLAVOURS OF PARK BOM – Birthday Support


As Park Bom’s 31st birthday is approaching fast, we are planning to do a simple project that will bring forth the unity of BOMbshells from all across the globe to celebrate Park Bom’s birthday in a meaningful way, we’re planning on giving her simple yet gifts that come from our hearts.

Lately, Bom’s been quite vocal in talks of her wanting to have a boyfriend and also being fond of Kim Tan (character from ‘The Heirs’). Putting that in mind, we thought of the BOYFRIEND PILLOW and have one with Kim Tan’s sweater sewn with it. We hope to fill the loneliness in Bom’s single life with this simple pillow~

sample only.

Also, since ‘The Heirs’ has come to an end, Bom may be missing seeing Kim Tan so we’ll also get her Lee Min Ho Special Album Vol. 1 – My Everything. This will definitely cheer up Lady Spring’s fangirl side as she can listen to it whilst snuggling with her boyfriend pillow.


Also to protect Bom’s cute feet and for her to not slip off some ice during this winter, we’re also planning to give her some cute green CROCS FOOTWEAR which will keep Bom’s feet warm and dry and most importantly she won’t slide on some ice during this freezing weather.

sample only.

And as a tradition for somebody’s birthday, we are getting Bom a cake from Twosome Studio Cafe! We are ordering the ‘Rose Cake’ (as seen below) which not only looks cute but is also quite a healthy option. This is also in support to one of YG Family’s business, Teddy. We bet Bom will definitely loves their cake~^^


sample only.

We are also doing charity donations for the following:


Miracle Hospital – We will be donating to the ’10,000 Won Miracle’ project. The 10,000 Won Miracle is led by Sean (@JINUSEAN3000) and the Purme Foundation (@purmefoundation) to help construct a rehabilitation hospital for mentally and physically challenged children.

For more info visit their website: http://www.miraclehospital.org/english/welcome.asp

10000 won is equivalent to $9.25

The charity donations will be a collaboration project between Park Bom fansites for Bom’s bday. The rest of the gifts will be from WeLovebom & ukYGqueens.

PARKBOMThailand (Thailand)
Oh_Bom (Philippines)
ukYGqueens (London)
Our goal is to get as much donations as possible to both have enough for the gifts and for donations to the charity listed above. Any amount is welcome and we’d like you all to join us and donate as much as you like to so we can have yet another successful project for our Lady Spring.

Lastly, for her last birthday we had planned to give her a gift full of ”Moomin” goodies, though due to some difficulties we we’re not able to give her those so we include them in this project. The gifts have already been bought and now all we need to do is deliver them correctly with the rest of the gifts.


Twosome Cake = $23

Green Crocs = $40

Boyfriend pillow = $30

Lee Minho Concert DVD = $48

Message booklet = est $50

Shipping = est $50

Total = $241

*Anything collected over the amount expected

will go to funds for our next project.


To donate, simply choose your method of donation and send us an e-mail to welovebom13@hotmail.com with the subject “[PROJECT #8] 31 FLAVOURS OF PARK BOM”.

1. Paypal (Worldwide)

Our paypal account: welovebom@live.com

2. Bank Deposit

For those who don’t have a paypal account, you can bank-in your money to;

@ilove2ne1girls (Philippines)

@meganz21 (Singapore)

@jiebrick (Malaysia)

@sHeranx (Indonesia)

@nikaistar (Canada)

*We will be sending you an email of the account’s owner and the account number.

The project will be a joint project between WeLoveBom & ukYGqueens which we are all excited about and hope you all are too, join the fun and let’s give our Lady Spring a surprise!

Anyone is welcome to participate! We hope UK blackjacks will do as well 🙂

2 thoughts on “(PROJECT) Collab project with WELOVEBOM – 31 FLAVOURS OF PARK BOM – Birthday Support

  1. mike lane

    Dear Bom Happy Birthday to you. I hear you may be sad im sorry to hear this as all your fans will be. I’ve had a tough year with depression but one of the things that helped me through it was your music and videos of you on 2ne1tv always make me smile and laugh your an inspiration to alot of fans your amazing and so beautiful and funny and cute. I hope you get through this tough time I’ll stand by you and so will your fans stay strong and remember your loved the world over.xoxoxox

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