Expectation for 2NE1’s comeback, leaving just one day now, is heightening as fans and experts who participated in 2NE1’s showcase premier “THE LISTENING” are raving about the upcoming new songs.

The showcase premier of 2NE1’s new songs on Feb 20 was successful, and the 2nd full album is geared unveil itself on Feb 26 at 12 am. In the afternoon of Feb 24, the reviews of the premier were posted on NAVER MUSIC.

The invitation to the premier was sent to a total of 21 guests, including selected ones from online music sites and 2NE1’s fan club, and experts from various fields. It served the purpose as receiving fair reviews of the songs which were produced after long and hard work. The 21 listeners, the first ones to hear the songs, gave fair and serious reviews of each track.

“COME BACK HOME,” one of the double title songs and of the same title as Seotaeji and Boys’ song, built much curiosity among the fans. This particular song received many good reviews about its melody and genre. Editor Kang Myung-suk of Ize Webzine said, “It’s not limited to one genre but cuts across reggae, dubstep, and hip hop. COME BACK HOME has much impact when it is interpreted in a hip hop way.” Hong Suk-woo, the editor of Spectrum, commented, “The beat and the rhythm enhance the music, and the melody is easy to follow. TEDDY, PK and DEE.P collaborated in such harmony. It is a song that symbolizes 2NE1’s identity.”

The other double-title song, “GOTTA BE YOU” was praised for its mainstream taste. Lee Sae-hoon from Media Bling said, “It’s very 2NE1 and is pop,” while Han Hyun-jin from the fan club said, “It is a dance-pop song which the beat and melody are easy to follow. I think this will be loved by the fans and the public for a long time.”

CL’s first-ever composed and written songs “CRUSH,” “IF I WERE YOU,” and “BABY I MISS YOU” received comments like, “A song of 2NE1’s identity,” “A unique sentimental song,” and “Urban style song that has an impressive vocal part.”

The 21 listeners emphasized that the album takes on a new musical challenge successfully, while maintaining 2NE1’s identity. 2NE1 has always broken away from the norm and tried different genres, and many eyes are on the divas to see what kind of sensation they will bring with their 2nd full album this time.

2NE1’s full album will be unveiled online on websites on 12 am of Feb 26 (0 hour of Feb 27). They will be performing their new songs for the first time when they kick off the 2nd World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” on March 1 and 2 at Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Arena.

source: yg-life
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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