(ARTICLE) 2NE1, World Tour + New Song + MV Revelation: Fans Go Wild!


2NE1 attracts 12,000 fans for 2 days on March 1st & 2nd: 2nd World Tour kicks off with success

[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] The girl quartet 2NE1 excited the fans by unveiling the performances of their newest songs and the music video at their 2nd World Tour.

2NE1 kicked off their second day of concert at around 6:10 pm on March 2, as part of the 2nd World Tour held at Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Arena. The 2-hour concert was their second one in Seoul, following just the day before. The four divas were once again joined by 6,000 fans, who responded enthusiastically at everything the girls did.

The concert built much expectations among the fans and 2NE1 themselves, as the four were performing the new songs in their latest album “CRUSH,” unveiled on Feb 27, for the very first time.

The members appeared on stage dressed in fancy gold. They immediately delivered the new song “CRUSH,” exciting the fans from the very start. They then moved on to perform their hit song “FIRE.”

After “FIRE,” 2NE1 greeted the 6,000 fans enthusiastically, “Long time no see and it’s great to see you again!”

CL, the leader, asked, “How did you like “CRUSH,” the first track in our album?” to which the audience cheered on with much zeal. DARA introduced the song as “a song composed and written by CL.” CL asked MINZY how she felt, to which MINZY replied, “I am about to go insane with excitement by seeing you guys,” making the fans go wild. All members ended the greeting with a comment, “We are thrilled to hold our 2nd World Tour, and I hope you have a really exciting time!”

2NE1 also delivered dynamic performances of other new songs from the 2nd full album, including the double title songs “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU,” and “IF I WERE YOU.” After “COME BACK HOME,” MINZY demonstrated a dance that “Our boss (YANG HYUN SUK) choreographed,” which is a dance move of bouncing forward while doing a wave—which the fans loved.

2NE1 also unveiled a music video of a song called “HAPPY” from the latest album. This was the first time a M/V was revealed from this album. Fans were fully drawn into the M/V filmed in the U.S., featuring cute tomboyish members of 2NE1.

Apart from this, each member delivered her own something as well. The usually cute DARA revealed her well-built abs. During the concert, she commented, “It took us a while to produce this album, but I am extremely happy with it.” CL disclosed her new solo “MTBD” and previous “THE BADDEST FEMALE” with sensational outfit and performance. BOM told the fans 2NE1 visited a fortuneteller when their album release was delayed. MINZY, who just turned 20 this year, attracted attention with much more matured womanly charms.


The 2-hour concert included about 20 songs including “UGLY,” “I AM THE BEST,” “CLAP YOUR HANDS,” “I DON’T CARE,” “GO AWAY” and other hit songs, joined by energetic fans.

Kick starting from Seoul concerts joined by 12,000 fans, 2NE1 began their 2nd World Tour in full force. They will travel across 9 countries including Japan and China, travelling through 13 cities for 17 concerts to meet the international fans.

Just like the first World Tour, the two world-renowned directors TRAVIS PAYNE and STACY WALKER joined the quartet again for the latest Tour.

In the meantime, 2NE1 has been topping major South Korean music charts with the double title songs “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU” since their release. After 4 days, on March 2, the album is within the top 100 of 20 iTunes across the globe, attracting much attention from all over the world.

The music video of “COME BACK HOME” is to be unveiled on March 3, while the offline version of 2nd full album will be released on March 7.

Source: yg-life
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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