(TWITTER) Dara: ‘I really like the AON goods…’ , ‘Mom’s eyes are watching!’ ,’I found Dadoong…’ plus more…


이번 AON 굿즈들 다 너무 맘에 들어요~ >.< 멋있으면서 귀여운!!! 남자분들도 여자분들도 다 평소에도 잘입을수있을거같아요 그쵸?!

Trans: I really like the AON goods~ >.< Cute and cool! I think both girls and boys can wear them often, right ?!


Trans:What mom who watched the concert yesterday said in the morning was “Come Back Home’s choreography is cool +.+” Kya~ Mom’s eyes are watching!!!


화환 구경하다가 다둥이 발견!!! >.< 다둥이는 세살이라 아직 공연보러못오는데 ㅠ.ㅠ아쉬운마음을 달랠수있었어요~ ^.^매번 화환과 응원메세지 보내주시는 한국&해외팬분들~모두 사랑합니다!힘이 불끈불끈나요!!!

Trans: I found Dadoong while looking through the wreaths!!! >.< Dadoong can't come to the concerts yet because he's only three ㅠ.ㅠ I was able to feel better about him not being here~ ^.^Korean and international fans who send wreaths and messages~It gives me strength!!!


와아아아아~~~!!! >.< 매번 천둥이한테 화환 보내기만 하다가 이렇게 받게되니까 기분이 색다르네요~!!! 사랑스런 내 동생들 ♥ 덕분에 큰누나는 행복하단다 ^.^

Trans: Waahhh~~~!!! >.< I've been sending wreaths to Cheondung but receiving one from him feels different~!!! To my lovely dongsaengs (younger siblings) ❤️ Because of you, big noona is happy ^.^
Pic Trans: From Cheondung & Dadoong & Rami. It's GOTTA BE big noona.


Are you ready?!? I’m ready!!! Let’s go AON!!!


Trans: #2NE1AONTourInSeoulDay2 The last concert in Seoul has ended. But now’s just the start of the tour ^_^ I had fun today, thank you (__) So happy~!!!

Source: @krungy21
Trans by: @kristinekwak , @ilove2NE1girls, @kjop21_
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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