(TWITTER) Dara’s Twitter Updates


A limousine that seems really huge when I’m on it alone… The members will reach tomorrow. Mabuhay!!! Waiting for you at this place~!!! It’s gotta be 2NE1! Oh oh oh~ @mingkki21 @haroobomkum #AONmanila #2ne1


Let’s see each other tomorrow at Shangrila Mall 6pm!!! Join us in our press con & meet and greet with 2NE1!!! 2ne1 ♥Blackjacks


There’s a chance that we will see each other tomorrow when the girls arrive!!! You will see all of 2NE1!!! o you want to see CL? Bom? And Minzy?!?

140515_thankyoutoblackjackph BnpXiLBCAAE2jiT

Thank you to #blackjackPH and #daralingPH for your support towards me!!! To those who weren’t able to get in the studio yesterday…


With Tito Boy and Ms Kris last night at Aquino&Abunda tonight! Missed them a lot! I love them! 🙂


And thanks to my new friends @vicegandako@ryanbang I feel so happy with you guys!!! See u tom 🙂 good night!!!


I’m so happy right now. So happy to see my old friends again on my playground #abscbn #ggv #scq

Source: @krungy21
Trans: sillysera, ilove2NE1girls, WeLoveDara , sgbjcrew
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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