(INSTAGRAM) Dara’s updates


My first nephew Pudding, sleeping on Dadoong’s car tower when it came to my house~ ♥#CLZbaby


140523_Beautiful night view of Kuala Lumpur

Beautiful night view of Kuala Lumpur!!! See u tom Blackjack Malaysia!!! Good night 🙂 #AON #KualaLumpur


When I went to Philippines this time, I got a gift from my friend who gave me a daebak item! It is called the Selfie pod which is a stick where u can put your phone and take selcas, and when you connect it to the phone via Bluetooth, it takes a selca w/ the ‘best-face’ angle!!!…

140524_Selfie with the dancers in the world

Selfie with the dancers in the world!!! AON dancers!!! #HiTech#TroubleMaker#FreeMind

140524_Selfie with deuk & dony

Selfie with deuk & dony 🙂 cutie twins!!! Dony! Press the button! Gogogo~ #dara #kwontwins #malaysia


Met Dara at Malaysia #Dara#Clio#Malaysia ps. The worker didn’t realize its me.. My eye makeup was too light ^^;;;


I told everyone that I am 2ne1′s tour guide in the Philippines. But the truth is.. He is our real tour guide!!! He is #ryanbang thank you so much 🙂 yes, you are not handsome, you just have the looks hahaha


The people who gives strength to DarD~ are! the BlackJacks who always cheer for us and the warm Volume Up family who cheers this lacking but hardworking special DJ ^_^



Please be together with DarD today too~ ^.^ Kbs cool FM Yoo In Na’s Volume Up with special DJ DarD!!! I’m Sandara Park~ ♥

Source: Dara’s Instagram
Trans: @kristinekwak, @Bom_Always, Classifiedkjop @ YGL , Aphrodite22794 @ YGL, @sgbjcrew

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