(INSTAGRAM) Dara’s Updates


Thank you!!! @givenchyofficial #givenchy #watch ⌚️


It’s mini-DJ Dara!!! Thank you @uknowminakwon for making me look super cute!!!


I purchased 2NE1’s album first to be released in Japan soon!!! As expected I’m a talented Blackjack


I occupied Doongie’s room he’s in Kansai for foreign trip~A lot of things are good here!There are sports equipmentsInstruments when he’s working on song and even mic.. oh oh oh its my world ㅋㅋ Doong’s on the plane Doong will be shocked when he see this pic as he get out of the plane.Its nuna #Dara #Cheondung #siblingswithGoodRelationship


Ko~rea!!! Clap clap clap clap!!! Done cheering for Korea’s national soccer team!!! Before the game with Algeria starts tomorrow, 2NE1 will do a performance to prove that Korea’s team is the best! I’m already excited!!! See you tomorrow at dawn at Nexon arena… #Worldcup #Korea


With good people ^_^ Went to SeonWooJeongah’s concert~!!! Had goosebumps throughout the concert and had fun ??? It’s so good when the singer is this close to the audience and make the concert together.. Touching touching ? I wanna try this kind of concert someday someday ?? @marshallbang @leehi_hi #SeonWooJeongah’s the best!!


With the very cool Masta Wu who I Iike so so so x21 much Kyaaak~!!! >.< #mastawu #dara


We’re like good.awkward..comfortable..shy..not family but like family.. I hope to be close w/ oppas

Source: Dara’s Instagram
Trans: @ilove2NE1girls
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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