(INSTAGRAM) Dara: ‘Well done well done!!!’ plus more updates


Well done well done!!! You guys did great on your debut stage~ Congrats!!! #winner #Empty #ColourRing


Swag swag~ Doom Dada fam! with cool Mino. His voice is so cool and his charisma when he raps is no joke but he’s a cute little brother offstage~! I’m looking forward to your debut stage, fighting!


QT Dara with QT Jinwoo YG’s gwiyomi (cute) line establishment!!! He is so cute and adorable but in the future, those aren’t all the side you’ll see of him onstage! I’m excited. Fighting… Today~ is WINNER day!!! #winner #kimjinwoo


Selfie with @hwangssabu I think my abs went on vacation..


We have so many cute juniors now!!! #LeeHi #AkMu #TeamB Grow up well ^_^

Source: Dara’s Instagram
Trans: @sgbjcrew , @ilove2NE1girls , @kjop21_ , @kristinekwak
re-upload by ukYGqueens

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