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(YG-LIFE) ‘CL officially debuts in America on the 19…’


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CL of 2NE1 (CL, DARA, and BOM), one of the leading K-pop girl groups, is soon to unveil her first official output in the United States, the world’s biggest pop music market. Music fans are paying keen attention to if she will be able to break Korean artist’s highest record on American Billboard main albums chart, which is held by 2NE1.

On August 17, CL’s label YG Entertainment (“YG”) officially announced that CL will release her first official solo single “LIFTED” in the United States on the 19 this month. CL has long prepared for her debut in the States, in cooperation with Scooter Braun who helped management of PSY in the States. Now, finally, CL is unveiling her first official single in the country.

CL’s launching in the United States is drawing keen attention, as she is the first one in Korea who is from a top girl group and who tries to succeed in the world’s biggest pop music market alone. People are also keenly interested in if CL will be able to break 2NE1’s record of highest ranking on Billboard 200, American Billboard main albums chart, for a Korean singer. In early 2014, album “CRUSH” of 2NE1 for which CL is the leader took 61st rank on American Billboard’s main albums chart. That is still the highest-ever record on the Billboard 200 chart for any Korean singer.

CL’s first official single in the States has only one song. That song is the one that will be included in her official debut album in the States. In other words, it is a lead single for CL’s full-fledged debut album in the country. Therefore, the popularity of “LIFTED” will be the bellwether for the success of CL’s official debut album in the country. So, people are showing growing interest in the record to be set by CL’s lead single. CL will release some more singles after the lead single, before finally releasing her full-fledged debut album in America.

There is a high chance for CL to break 2NE1’s record on Billboard 200 chart with her debut album in the States which will include the songs in her debut singles. There are a couple of reasons to expect such success for CL’s debut in the States.

First, Scooter Braun, who perfectly understands the circumstances in the pop music market in the States, will be in charge of CL’s management in the country. Scooter Braun recruited world-famous pop star Justin Bieber and he is currently working for top singer Ariana Grande. In a word, Scooter Braun is one of the most powerful and influential figures in America’s pop music market, so working with him will be extremely helpful for CL. The reason why CL has been able to work on her debut album in collaboration with America’s famous musicians so far is largely attributable to Scooter Braun’s help.

CL released “HELLO BITCHES”, the pre-promotion song for her solo debut in the States, in November last year, to take No.1 on global music-streaming website Sportify. Such record drew even bigger attention, as it was set while many media outlets of the States and other countries were expressing their big anticipation for CL’s debut in the States. That is one of the reasons why people have bigger interest in the success of CL’s first debut single to be released on the 19 and her debut full album that will be released later.

Another reason why CL’s debut in the States with the debut single and debut full album is believed to be promising is because she has outstanding talent in rap, vocal, and performance and is fluent in English. She can play a leading role in her own promotion in the country.

It is worthwhile to look forward to CL’s successful debut in America’s pop music market and the possibility for her to break her own record of the highest rank on Billboard albums chart for any Korean singer, which is still held by 2NE1.

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